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    Thomas Franske aka Digitalist was born in 1980 in Switzerland. Since 1999 he connected to psychedelic music and started as DJing.
    In 2000 he made his first steps in music production and created sound with analog synthesizers!
    In 2002 his project Digitalist was created with intention to perform powerful, futuristic and driving music.
    Over the past years he has been developing his sound and in currently working on his solo album.
    He has worked with N3xu5, Dejan, Gidra, Electrypnose, oCelot, Psykovsky, Atriohm, Mubali and Jellyheadz and played at many parties.
    His newest tracks are coming out on Dropout Productions, Insomnia Rec., Devilsmind Rec., UTG Rec., Peak Rec., Mighti Quinn Rec. and Woodroom Rec.